MapThread can be used to make business management at a water utility more efficient


Water is provided through a network of underground valves and mainlines.  Using our intuitive software to track these assets, you can bring data stored on paper maps or in filing cabinets directly to users out in the field.  Office managers can also keep track of personnel, business assets, and jobs in real time.

Check out our award winning Mainline Design as an example of what a custom thread can do for      your water utility!

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The water industry is asset management of a lot of different types of assets, but these assets are all linked. There are relationships between them. If one asset isn’t working, it’s going to affect another asset. To be able to key in on these different relationships through data management, see this data visually, create queries and have a place for past information and documentation to be saved, is a huge benefit for our business.
— Shay Bakman, Vice President of a Water Utility